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Auto Loans

The ABCs of Car Buying

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Learn the ABCs of Car Buying

  • A. Slow Down
    Don’t try to rush through the process. Speed in the vehicle-buying arena can be a very dangerous thing. When you rush, you take the time to research or compare. Use to educate yourself and never let yourself be hurried into buying without thinking.

  • B. Read "Your Auto-Buying Experience From Start to Finish" Brochure
    If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, we’re here to help you make your experience as easy as possible. Our Auto Loans Product and Benefit Information brochure will guide you through the steps of researching, financing and protecting your vehicle purchase.

  • C. Select a Preferred Dealer Representative/Fleet Manager
    We've joined with three dealer networks to offer no-hassle, no-haggle pricing. Dealers and their fleet managers participating in these networks have agreed to the principles of our company vision and are committed to serving our member-owners fairly. Make sure to call ahead to set an appointment with THE Preferred Dealer Representative. Also let the dealership know when you arrive that you’re an American Airlines Credit Union member-owner.

  • D. Do Your Homework
    Our Preferred Dealer Networks online pricing tool provides information about new and used car pricing, manufacturers warranties info, available manufacturers’ rebates and more. If you're close to one of our branch offices, check out the CAARS library located in our lobbies. Most of our libraries have dealers’ publications and other insider materials to help you in your research. Contact any American Airlines Credit Union Loan Officer for personal assistance.

  • E. Never Buy on Your First Visit
    Dealers usually make more money if you don't take the time to compare prices. Whether you're shopping online or on the showroom floor, you should always make at least a second visit before buying. The CAARS’ way is never to buy on the first visit!

  • F. Don't Fall for On-The-Spot Delivery
    Don't take a car home the first time you see it or "on the spot." Impulsive vehicle purchasing like this indicates that your emotions and not your pocketbook are ruling the transaction. When your emotions rule, you stand to lose money in the car-buying transaction.

  • G. Never Leave a Deposit Until the Seller or Dealer has Agreed to Your Price
    Most sellers and dealers generally want you to leave deposits to create a sense of commitment on your part and to discourage comparison shopping.

  • H. Stop the Transaction If You Feel Pressured or Confused
    Never buy if you're uncomfortable and feeling pressured. Even if you met the sales person through one of our Preferred Dealer Networks, who have agreed to our "Member Bill of Rights," if you are unsure about anything ask before it becomes an issue.

  • I. Beware of 0% Financing Promotions
    Many dealers will try to lure you in with a 0% financing offer. It may look like a great deal, but even if you qualify, it may not to be the best deal for you. Make sure to compare financing options and the bottom-line figures. And, if needed ask for the help of an expert eye: Our Loan Representatives are available to help you.

  • J. Shop Smart When it Comes to Financing
    There's an easy way to land the cheapest financing: Place the contracts side-by-side and compare the total financing cost. Insist that any dealership or Web site give you an exact copy of the contract they want you to sign. Fax it to us at (800) 727-5040 or bring it by any branch. We'll tell you if we can beat their financing; if we can't, we'll send you back to them. If finance representatives won't give you copies of proposed contracts in advance, their financing is probably not the cheapest.

  • K. The Price of New Cars isn't Always Where Sellers Make Money
    Thousands of dealers and Internet services will sell you a car "at cost." Many of those sellers will still make thousands of dollars on you. Many give you less for your trade-in than it's really worth or charge you more for financing than you need to pay. The price of a car is only a small part of profits to dealerships and Internet services.

  • L. Remember American Airlines Credit Union is Different from Any Internet Site, Financial Institution, or Dealership
    We don't have a stake in which car you buy, we just want it to be safe and reliable. We want you to get a fair value for your trade-in. We care about how much you pay in finance charges. And we want you to get a fair price for the car you purchase.

We care about your financial well-being because you are a member-owner. That's why our goal is always to do what is BEST FOR YOU.


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