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Priority 2.27%
Flagship   .50%
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Rates Effective February 01, 2019
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Savings 1.97%
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Share Certificates 3.25%
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New Auto 2.35%
Used Auto 2.35%
RV 5.24%
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15 Year Fixed 3.846%
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5/1 ARM (30 Year) 4.770%
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Platinum 9.25% - 14.49%
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Auto Loans

Financing Your Vehicle

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Financing Your Vehicle

Understanding Financing

If you're like most people, you’ll need to finance your car purchase. That is, you’ll borrow the money to make the purchase. You should get your loan "pre-approved" at your credit union before you visit dealerships. Why? Dealers can use financing to make a lot of money at your expense, while American Airlines Credit Union is interested in saving you money.

Dealer Financing

When dealers arrange your financing, they review your credit history and then "shop" your information around to several lenders. Your credit score determines the interest rate that you'll pay. More importantly, dealerships can "add points" to the interest rate that you’re charged in exchange for arranging your financing. In other words, you might qualify for a lender's 7.49% interest rate but end up paying an interest rate of 9.49%. The difference between what you pay and for what you qualify for is profit for the dealers - their "cut" of finance charges. The dealers pocket most of the difference and the finance companies keep the rest.
It’s estimated that one out of four consumers financing through dealerships is affected with a hidden markup adding $1,000 on average to a car purchase amount. In the worst cases, loan markups add as much as $5,000 over the life of the loan. According to a Consumer Federation of America report, this practice costs U.S. consumers up to a billion dollars annually.

Credit Union Financing

When you arrange your financing with American Airlines Credit Union, you’ll usually get a lower rate than what most other lenders offer. In addition, the interest rate you pay is determined by the amount you borrow, the amount of down payment you make and the term of your loan. The finance charge you pay is returned to you and your fellow member-owners in the form of dividends once operation expenses have been met.

One of the main goals of American Airlines Credit Union is to provide member-owners with loans at very competitive rates in a convenient and friendly environment. We use member-owners' share accounts to fund our loans and those loans provide the income to pay dividends to our member-owners and to cover operational expenses. Read an explanation of American Airlines Credit Union's Loan Qualification Guidelines to help you understand how your application will be evaluated.

Beware of 0% Financing

Some dealerships advertise 0% financing, but only a very small percentage of buyers qualify. Once buyers get in the finance office, they may end up paying a higher rate. Carefully review dealers' loan papers; don't assume you're getting the 0% rate. Your rate may be higher and may include a hidden markup.

Even if you qualify, 0% financing may not be your best option. Low financing rates often are for shorter terms and on slow-selling models. With 0% loans, dealers usually don't pay rebates on the car's sale price. Contact American Airlines Credit Union for an accurate evaluation of the financing offer. Your best bet often is to combine a cash rebate — reducing the amount you need to borrow — with your credit union's competitive interest rate.

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