From the President & CEO

Dear Member-Owner,

In the more than eight decades of proudly serving members and their families, 2020 was by far one of the most challenging and difficult years for many in our membership. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who lost loved ones and livelihoods. Caring for our members has always been the Credit Union’s primary mission, and that’s especially true when unparalleled challenges arise that require taking this com­mitment to another level.

Our actions to provide immediate assistance to our membership in this challenging time included maintaining above-market dividends, offering low loan rates and investing in expanded financial wellness solutions designed to benefit our members in those moments when the need was greatest.

As a necessary result of taking these unprecedented actions throughout 2020, we made the decision to forego our traditional modest bonus dividend, which we would normally pay out to many of our members at this time of year. While this was a difficult decision, we’re confident that taking action at the time of need while ensuring the safety and soundness of the Credit Union was the appropriate response. 

Our team continues to be dedicated to helping all those affected by this crisis while planning for the future. While I look forward to the bonus dividend each year as well, I know that this is one of those times where taking care of members in the moment rather than waiting until year-end, was the right thing to do.

We appreciate your loyalty and for allowing us the privilege of serving you and your families.

Best regards,


Gail Enda
President & CEO