Member Story: The Credit Union Experience

When Alai Makahununiu, 40, found herself in a bind, she said the Credit Union was there to help her out.

“When our son wrecked our Kia, it was deemed as ‘totaled’ and we were upside down on our value and didn’t know how we were going to cover $5,000,” said Alai, a Credit Union member for 23 years. “The Credit Union instantly approved us to not only get a new vehicle, but we were able to roll in the leftover $5,000 into the new auto loan and keep our monthly payments the same!”

Though Alai works as a sales manager for residential solar provider, her dad was an employee with American Airlines. “He signed up the whole family when we all became old enough.”

Since then, the Credit Union has been a big part of her financial and personal life.

“They taught me about credit ­– how to build it, improve it and, most importantly, how to use it to benefit our lifestyle and well-being.”

Alai says she spend much of her time taking care of her kids, all of whom are in sports, which means lots of free time spent at practice and games. But while she spends time caring for her kids, she’s happy to know the Credit Union has her back.

“They care about their members and will do all they can to put you in a better financial position in life,” she says.