Member Story: Dream Car

For Brittany, 29, a Credit Union member since 2009, being able to buy the perfect car was a dream come true.

“Any dream that has come to mind, the Credit Union has had faith in me to not only reach those dreams but make them possible,” she said.

But we were able to go the extra mile when Brittany won our I Love My Dream Car contest. Not only did she win $300 (with which she promptly opened an IRA at the Credit Union), her photo also appeared in one of our national marketing campaigns.

But for Brittany, that was just another thing to love about being a Credit Union member. “I love everything about American Airlines,” she says, “from great flights and a helpful staff to a wonderful Credit Union that has helped me every step of the way with my journey of growing up over the last 10 years.”

Brittany grew up in Southern California and currently works as a buyer of electrical components for Aerospace Systems. She said she loves to travel, exercise and practice calligraphy and she’s always striving to be her best self. One way the Credit Union has helped with that goal is to provide her with the tools necessary to improve her credit.

“At my branch alone, I have been able to learn so much, not only when it comes to improving your credit but how to make a plan for yourself,” she says. “They made me feel like I could ask anything that came to mind. I am so grateful for that as a young adult planning her future.”

“By having the knowledge that they have given me, I know that no matter what my goals are, big or small, they can be met with the help of my Credit Union,” she says.