Member Story: Debi’s Credit Union Experience

American Airlines Federal Credit Union has come a long way since 1981, when Debi, who just turned 60, first joined us. We’ve introduced a lot of new products and the technological advances in how our members to business with us have changed significantly.

But for Debi, the choice has always been clear.

“I was so excited for an alternative to a bank! The fees and costs for checks and services [ at banks ] were getting higher and higher,” she said. “I was so proud to work for American Airlines and to be able to use this fantastic resource for our financial needs.”

Debi said that she enjoys the speed and ease of doing financial transactions, but particularly enjoys the personalized service she receives at her local branch.

“I feel like they are truly there for me, and treat me like a person, not a number – as clichéd as that sounds,” she said.

When she purchased a vehicle she dubbed “Randy the Rogue” earlier this summer,” Debi said she was particularly impressed with how the branch staff went above and beyond.

“The dealership kept saying they did not get the funding paperwork and I wanted to pick him up that day! “ she said. “It was literally two minutes until 5 p.m. when I ran the 100 feet to the branch in my building and their team sprung into action and re-faxed the information so I could conclude the deal that evening.”

Debi said that she and Dale, her husband of 38 years, are empty nesters now, but confides that both of her adult children, “have each benefited greatly by being Credit Union members since they were teenagers.”