Member Story: Tenisha’s Dream Vacation

To hear Tenisha, 33, talk about her experience with the Credit Union, you might be tempted to think she works here. After being introduced to the benefits of membership while attending American Airlines flight attendant training camp four years ago, she said joining was an offer she couldn’t refuse.

“The Credit Union is always having great promotions that equate to greater benefits,” she said. “The truth is, the Credit Union has yet to let me down. They have the best offers on many promotions and the rates on Annual Percentage Yields are increasing every time I look up.”

It’s pretty clear that no one can accuse Tenisha of not taking advantage of the full benefits of Credit Union membership.

“The Credit Union has helped me in numerous ways, including approving me for two credit cards (low rate and rewards). I have a savings and checking account. I just opened an emergency funds account, just in case,” Tenisha said. “I’m wanting to go to Dubai as a gift to myself for graduation and the Credit Union is helping me save for the trip by having a Dream Plan account that I am able to put money into every month to ensure that I reach my dream vacation goal.”

Tenisha pointed out that her membership has not only benefited her, but her family as well.

“I opened my younger brother a UChecking account that I can put money into for him to help him out,” she said. “There’s nothing like having a teenage brother running around. They always need money for different things. Family is very important and meaningful to me.”