Member Story: Jacqueline’s Loan Experience

Though aviation mechanic Jacqueline Bentele may only have been with the Credit Union for a couple of years, she says she already feels completely at home.

“There is a ‘small town’ familiarity of greeting – asking how you are or the family and really meaning it,” she said. “They really spend the time to make you feel comfortable and welcomed.”

Of course, she also appreciates the help she receives from those friendly employees.

“The personal attention to goals and their professional opinions on giving you options to achieve them helps set a person up for success and a clear understanding of their financial future,” she said.

Jacqueline believe a big part of that working relationship is that Credit Union employees take the time to listen. She said she came to the Credit Union with one goal in mind, and the staff was ready to help with that goal.

“But once I became familiar with the loan officer and discussed in detail further wishes I wanted to achieve, she met with me and gave me information and options available that I was not aware of,” she said.

“If we had not gotten to know one another, I don’t believe I would have been comfortable with telling her my long-term goals,” she added. “I would have missed out on the help that was given for a more secure financial retirement.”