Member Story: Pramod’s New Car

After coming to America in 2000, Pramod, 41, discovered the Credit Union through co-workers and was grateful to get started right away with savings and financial planning. But he certainly didn’t stop there.

“Whether it be mortgages, car loans, extended warranty, checking/savings accounts – everything, I can trust that the Credit Union will be the right and best choice,” Pramod said. “And the online portal and app make it really easy to manage finances for me and family.”

With a wife and three kids and a home in Las Colinas, Pramod said he appreciates the “smooth and hassle-free process every time I had to deal with the Credit Union.”

And when he was looking to buy a new Tesla, he knew just who to turn to.

“My car loan was approved in 1-2 days,” he said. “It was really nice experience to not worry about whether you’re getting the best rates or not. With the Credit Union, you always do!”