Member Story: David’s Family Story

David, 34, came to the Credit Union a year ago to inquire about re-financing his auto loan for a better rate. David says he found exactly what he was looking for.

“American Airlines Federal Credit Union was able to provide me my preferred interest rate by honoring my SavvyMoney credit score, which is displayed each month with my checking account in online banking,” David said. “I was able to cut my current auto loan principal interest rate by 50%.”

When it comes to his fiancé and young son, David said he can depend on the Credit Union because it, “has my best interest at heart and is trying to help me achieve my financial goals in order to provide for my family.”

That’s the big reason why he’s a Credit Union supporter, telling friends, “If you need a financial institution that you can trust and that wants to help you accomplish your financial goals, go with American Airlines Credit Union.”